Dhammapada: Buddhist classics series by Sangharakshita

By Sangharakshita

The Dhammapada is likely one of the most well-liked and influential of Buddhist scriptures. The universality of its message, the intensity of its educating, and the sophisticated simplicity of its language have earned it an honoured position in global literature. it may be taken as a simple and sensible precis of the basic teachings of the Buddha, yet even more than that, the Dhammapada is a poetic illustration of a chic religious excellent. This new translation seeks to encourage and inspire the features of kindness, gentleness and strength of mind, of simplicity, contentment and serenity, recommended by means of the Buddha himself. those features lead, in time, to the joy of that imaginative and prescient of the fact that can fulfill the inner most longings of the human middle.

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If by renouncing a limited happiness one would see an abundant happiness, let the spiritually mature person, having regard to the abundant happiness, sacrifice the limited happiness. 2 291. He who, contaminated by (his) association with hatred, seeks happiness for himself by inflicting suffering on others, is not released from hatred. 3 292. What is to be done, that is neglected; what is not to be done, that is done. Of those who are arrogant and heedless the defilements increase. 4 293. Those who ever earnestly practise mindfulness with regard to the body, not following after what is not to be done (and) steadfastly pursuing what is to be done, of these mindful and fully attentive ones the defilements come to an end.

Going about alone one commits no sins, like an elephant living unconcerned in the Matanga forest. 12 331. Friends are good in time of need. Contentment is good in every way. At the end of life (a store of) merit is good (or: a meritorious action is good). Good is the leaving behind of all suffering. 13 332. Here reverence for mother is good; reverence for father is also good. Here reverence for asketicism is good; reverence for holiness is also good. 14 333. The lifelong practice of virtue (sila) is good.

11 231. Be on your guard against bodily agitation; be controlled in body. Giving up bodily misconduct, live well behaved as regards the body. 12 232. Be on your guard against verbal agitation; be controlled in speech. Giving up verbal misconduct, live well behaved as regards speech. 13 233. Be on your guard against mental agitation; be controlled in mind. Giving up mental misconduct, live well behaved as regards the mind. 14 234. They are the perfectly restrained ones, the wise who are controlled in body and speech, (together with) the wise who are controlled as regards the mind.

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