Deaf-Ability--Not Disability: A Guide for the Parents of by Wendy McCracken

By Wendy McCracken

This publication used to be written via a critically deaf mom of a profoundly deaf son and a instructor of the deaf/educational audiologist. Their target used to be to provide useful, impartial details to oldsters of listening to impaired young children. this can be counterbalanced through case-studies which supply an perception into the that means of deafness to households and individuals. Deaf-ability seeks to underline the facility, capability and individualism of every child.

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Life is much harder if you do not know how to behave; people will forgive many things, but rudeness is not one of them. ' If the answer is 'No', then it is 'no' for any child. All children make mistakes and learn from them, it helps them to grow. Parents' natural protective role towards their children can be difficult to break but all children have eventually to learn to be independent; the longer you put this off the harder it becomes for all concerned. I always feel I want to keep Christopher on a lead even though he is now six, in case he takes off into any danger and I can't reach him in time.

To avoid confusion, laymen's terms are generally used but the medical terms are included for reference. Sounds enter the ear canal (1) (external auditory meatus), and are funnelled down to meet the eardrum (2) (tympanic membrane). As sounds hit the eardrum they make it vibrate; the type of sound will vary the rate of vibration, low tones causing a slower rate of vibration than high tones. Attached to the back of the eardrum is a bone known as the hammer (3) (malleus). This bone is one of three tiny bones which are connected together and form a flexible bridge across the middle ear.

It appears to them that on some days everyone is including them and talking normally, and on other days everyone is whispering and excluding them. The child may hear what is said directly to him but may miss out on the general chat at home or in the classroom. 10 Mild hearing loss Page 17 are more directly affected and may be slow to develop speech, or have very unclear speech. A girl who had suffered from a conductive hearing loss throughout her school career made the following comments: The thing which really gets on my nerves most is when a teacher says something and I don't hear them.

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