Dark green religion : nature spirituality and the planetary by Bron Taylor

By Bron Taylor

"In this paintings, Bron Taylor examines the evolution of "green religions" in North the United States and past: non secular practices that carry nature as sacred and feature in lots of situations changed conventional religions. Tracing a variety of teams - radical environmental activists, lifestyle-focused bioregionalists, surfers, new-agers serious about "ecopsychology," and teams that carry medical narratives as sacred - Taylor Read more...


Examines the evolution of 'green religions' in North the US and past: religious practices that carry nature as sacred and feature in lots of circumstances changed conventional religions. This e-book emphasizes the Read more...

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A sense of kinship with fellow-creatures; a wish to live and let live; a sense of wonder over . . ”46 In Leopold’s perceptions we see the main elements of dark green religion: a critique of Abrahamic religion and a feeling that all species have a right to be here, a sense of belonging and connection to nature, and a consecration of the evolutionary story. This passage echoes Darwin’s expression of evolutionary kinship and wonder at the grandeur of the evolutionary process. Indeed, for Leopold, the evolutionary story is not only a scientific narrative, it is an odyssey—an epic, heroic journey—and for many, this assumes a sacred, mythic character.

David taught me that so long as I looked into his eyes without arrogance, without any request, he did not mind. And sometimes he gazed back at me as he did that afternoon. ”26 This eye-to-eye connection led to other forms of nonverbal communication, such as when they communicated trust through touch, “a language far more ancient than words, a language we shared with our prehistoric ancestor, a language bridging our two worlds. ” Goodall believes, based on such experiences, that communication and communion can be enhanced through nonverbal communication: “It is all but impossible to describe the new awareness that comes when words are abandoned.

63 Lovelock often sounds like those proponents of deep ecology who— beginning with Arne Naess—argue that a hubristic anthropocentrism is the key driver of environmental decline. ”64 The current crisis is related to and compounded by, Lovelock thinks, the disconnection from and lack of love for nature typical of urbanized humankind: Over half the Earth’s people live in cities, and they hardly ever see, feel or hear the natural world. Therefore our first duty if we are green should be to convince them that the real world is the living Earth and that they and their city lives are a part of it and wholly dependent on it for their existence.

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