Crusader Captive by Merline Lovelace

By Merline Lovelace

A strategic marriage to a strong Saracen lord with a penchant for virgins will let prosperous woman Jocelyn to maintain her castle domestic. yet at what expense? Her basically wish of escaping the wicked lord's harem is to lose her virginity—and fast!Captured and tortured knight Simon de Rhys is in no place to refuse woman Jocelyn's proposition: his freedom for one evening together with her. the duty turns out basic, and deeply satisfying, till he discovers her secret….

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Gardens and orchards flowered in the low-lying land between them. They would feed the defenders during a lengthy siege. Until the outer curtain was breached, at least. Then, Simon surmised, the defenders would open the sea gates and flood the orchards to keep attackers at bay. He gave the yards the same reluctant approval. Both inner and outer bailey teamed with activity from the dovecote to the farrier’s forge to the kitchens that pumped the tantalizing odor of roasted meat into the air. Simon’s stomach cried for a slice of whatever sizzled on the spits as the troop halted by the stables and the lady slid from her saddle.

The strong, firm chin now raised to such a stubborn angle. Lust for her rose in him, so fast and fierce it seared his veins. Or mayhap it was pain that licked at his back like tongues of flame. The source of the heat didn’t matter. Whatever the reason for it, Simon wanted to give this pale-haired witch what she asked from him. The man in him ached to tear her laces and strip away her gown. To bare her breasts and belly and flanks to the firelight. Drag her down to the carpet and thrust into her with all the fury that had built in him since his capture.

He was no longer Simon de Rhys, champion in more lists than he could count. He’d turned all his earthly possessions over to the Church, as required of members of the Order of the Poor Knights of Christ and the Temple of Solomon. And this despite the fact he was as yet only an aspirant to the order. There hadn’t been time for him to undergo the Templars’ secret initiation rituals before he took ship to the Holy Land. Now he was a slave to the very infidels he’d sworn to defeat! The bitter, inescapable fact ate at him like sharp-beaked ravens pecking at his entrails.

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