Continuing With Russian by Charles E. Townsend

By Charles E. Townsend

Carrying on with with Russian is an intermediate-advanced textbook for college kids who've been via a full-sized user-friendly textual content and feature been uncovered to the extra uncomplicated morphological styles and a first-year vocabulary. furthermore, the volume and variety of grammatical details contained in its twenty-five classes, the excellent Russian and English be aware references within the normal Vocabulary, and the Index should still make it a good reference publication in the course of and lengthy after any Russian direction within which it truly is used.

The booklet is essentially designed for school classes and doubtless wouldn't be acceptable for many highschool classes less than the third-year point. end result of the thorough and infrequently fairly certain therapy of inauspicious and complicated grammatical issues, starting from what volume to quite complete essays on modal expressions (Lesson IX) and CH verbs (Lesson X) to a number of smaller grammatical and lexical questions via either the overview and standard classes, carrying on with with Russian might be very priceless additionally for graduate scholars in Slavic languages and literatures.

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Cf. связать Ь. Mutation of final root consonant. e. change into other consonants or groups of consonants in specific grammatical or derivational contexts ; for example : r sg pres of verbs in И : velar consonants before the suffix -н- : при-глас-И-ть звук при-глаш-у звучный Except for а very few cases, the basic nonmutated consonant is the only variant given in the Root List, while in many of the words given in the vocabularies, the boldface roots are in а mutated variant ; examples are : об-служ-И-ть уч-и-ть Cf.

And (Ь) the verb могут : могут : могу, можешь, . . ' могут (мог, могло, могли, могла) The absence of а stress mark with the НИМ verbs designates the shifting stress in the past which the type as а whole has, but могут has ending stress in the INTRODUCTION AND GUIDE Т О ТНЕ USE O F ТНЕ VOCABULARIES 38 past, which we would have to mark -ут. Since могут would indicate the shifting stress which is normal for other consonant stems marked Ьу the absence of а stress mark, our system cannot handle the stress pattern of this verb and it must Ье learned as an exception ; we wi1 1 leave the basic form unmarked .

After С prefix) им > я before С. Shifting take off prefixal stress in past. Shifting stress in pres (НИМ type only). rub OBSTRUENT STEмs 2 вёд-ут вёз-ут пёк-ут ррр lead convey bake Д - Т4 З - С4 Г-К -ён - т > с before -тй (-ть). Masc past -л drops ; other С simply added. Masc past -л drops ; other past endings added. г - к plus -ть > чь, and а preced­ ing ё > е. Mutation before endings in о. д 1 ий > ьй before а stressed vowel is а general rule in Russian ; cf. verbal nouns in 'иё alternating with -ь/ё (решение vs.

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