Computer Modeling of Carbohydrate Molecules by Alfred D. French and John W. Brady (Eds.)

By Alfred D. French and John W. Brady (Eds.)

content material: laptop modeling of carbohydrates : an creation / Alfred D. French and J.W. Brady --
Experimental and theoretical bases for actual modeling : an experimentalist seems to be at modeling / G.A. Jeffrey --
"Modified overlook of diatomic overlap"-type semiempirical equipment / Kenneth M. Dieter and James J.P. Stewart --
reasonable conformational modeling of carbohydrates : functions and boundaries within the context of carbohydrate-high polymers / David A. Brant and Marie D. Christ --
Molecular dynamics simulations of carbohydrates and their solvation / L.J. Madsen, S.N. Ha, V.H. Tran, and J.W. Brady --
Ab initio molecular orbital calculations on carbohydrates : conformational homes of deoxygenated furanose sugars / Eugenia C. Garrett and Anthony S. Serianni --
Modeling of glucopyranose : the versatile monomer of amylose / Alfred D. French, R.S. Rowland, and Norman L. Allinger --
Molecular modeling of acyclic carbohydrate derivatives N, N'-dimethyl- and N, N'-dihexylxylaramide : version compounds for man made poly(hexamethylenexylaramide) / L. Chen, B. Haraden, R.W. Kane, D.E. Kiely, and R.S. Rowland --
Solvent results on conformation of carbohydrates : molecular dynamics simulation of sorbitol, mannitol, and methoxytetrahydropyran / J. Raul Grigera --
Oligosaccharides in answer : conformational research through NMR spectroscopy and calculation / Igor Tvaroška, Tibor Kožár, and Miloš Hricovíni --
Optimized strength strength capabilities in conformational research of saccharides / Kjeld Rasmussen and Jesper Fabricius --
Conformational research of a disaccharide (cellobiose) with the molecular mechanics software (MM2) / Alfred D. French, V.H. Tran, and Serge Pérez --
Conformational flexibility of sucrose : static and dynamical modeling / V.H. Tran and J.W. Brady --
Molecular modeling experiences on unbranched advanced carbohydrates : program to a linkage sector fragment from connective tissue proteoglycans / N. Rama Krishna, Bo-Young Choe, and Stephen C. Harvey --
Molecular mechanics NMR pseudoenergy protocol to figure out resolution conformation of complicated oligosaccharides / J. Neel Scarsdale, Preetha Ram, James H. Prestegard, and Robert okay. Yu --
Conformational research of oligosaccharides : reconciliation of concept with scan / J.P. Carver, D. Mandel, S.W. Michnick, A. Imberty, and J.W. Brady --
Modeling of interactions of polysaccharide chains : program to crystalline polymorphism of starch granules / Serge Pérez, A. Imberty, and Raymond P. Scaringe --
a brand new new release of gel-forming polysaccharides : an X-ray research / R. Chandrasekaran and V.G. Thailambal --
Polysaccharide buildings : X-ray fiber diffraction stories / R.P. Millane --
Molecular mechanics and the constitution of iduronate-containing carbohydrates / M. Ragazzi, A. Provasoli, and D.R. Ferro --
Modeling in crystal constitution research of polysaccharides / A. Sarko, C.-H. Chen, B.J. Hardy, and F. Tanaka --
laptop simulation of protein-carbohydrate complexes : program to concanavalin A and L-arabinose-binding protein / V.S.R. Rao, B.V.S. Reddy, C. Mukhopadhyay, and M. Biswas --
Lysozyme hydrolysis of [beta]-glycosides : a consensus among binding interactions and mechanism / Carol Beth put up, Christopher M. Dobson, and Martin Karplus.

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