Complexity, variation, and isolation. by Raffaela Baechler, Guido Seiler

By Raffaela Baechler, Guido Seiler

Complexity of grammatical constitution has develop into a middle of curiosity in fresh typological and dialectological study. The contributions of the current quantity speak about structural complexity from the point of view of language edition and alter. specific awareness is paid to the speculation that languages and types spoken by way of small, remoted groups are likely to show larger complexity than others.

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Even the degree of grammaticalization within each linguistic domain may be determined by processing complexity (Hawkins 1994: 14). 3 On defining linguistic complexity We would like to define linguistic complexity as a dynamic process and, in accordance with Rescher’s (1998) view, consider complexity a self-potentiating phenomenon. 5 Two explanatory examples of diverging developments with the Germanic languages follow: (a) The representation of the category “aspect” in the verbal system of tenseprominent languages gives way to more semantic differentiation and thus to 4 More on this topic can be retrieved from the profound analyses presented in Hawkins (1994), where the ratios of early immediate constituents to non-terminal (syntactic) constituents of typologically divergent languages are discussed in great detail.

Laut- und Formenlehre. Tübingen: Niemeyer. Braunmüller, Kurt 1984: Morphologische Undurchsichtigkeit – ein Charakteristikum kleiner Sprachen. Kopenhagener Beiträge zur Germanistischen Linguistik 22: 48‒68. Braunmüller, Kurt 2003: Language, typology and society: Possible correlations. ), Minor Languages. Approaches, Definitions, Controversies, 89‒101. Bochum: Brockmeyer. Brero, Camillo and Bertodatti, Remo 1988: Grammatica della lingua piemontese: Parola-vitaletteratura. Torino: Piemont/Europa.

Here again, it is difficult to draw a conclusion about the role of codification. The isolated varieties (Issime and Visperterminen) show a higher degree of complexity than the non-isolated variety (Kaiserstuhl). Since we observed the same pattern in nouns and adjectives, we find further evidence supporting the Isolation Hypothesis. Articles in Issime Alemannic are slightly less complex than in Visperterminen Alemannic. Adjectives showed the same pattern, nouns the opposite one. I have already mentioned that these observations can hardly be explained by languageexternal factors alone.

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