Coming up Roses (Harper Monograms) by Catherine Anderson

By Catherine Anderson

Cautious of affection after her failed first marriage, widow Kate Blakely still falls for her new neighbor, Zachariah McGovern.

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The rim of the glass touched his lips, and he opened his eyes. The first of the water trickled down the crevices that bracketed his chin. Swallowing quickly, he managed to down the rest. As she drew the glass away, he saw that her hand was trembling. For several long seconds, they stared at each other, their faces a few scant inches apart. She grabbed a cloth from the bedside table and dabbed at his neck. " Zach cleared his throat. " He watched as she set the glass down by the pitcher. The shakiness of her hand told him that she didn't find this situation any more palatable than he did.

Though he couldn't recall staring at them, the unpainted plank walls around him had become as familiar as the palms of his hands, every crack between the bare boards memorized. He wasn't surprised to see Miranda sitting on the straight-backed chair beside his bed. Even in his semiconsciousness, he had sometimes sensed her small presence in the room. Nosy lay curled around the legs of the chair. Both child and dog were watching him as though they'd been keeping an endless vigil. Miranda stiffened when she saw that he was awake.

Htm shutter and slapped it up against the side of the house. Then lightning flashed. A pulsing flare of blue-white light came through the window and cast a magnified shadow of the coat tree onto the wall beside Kate. She glimpsed a looming silhouette with reaching arms. The specter gave her such a start that her feet came clear off the floor. She grabbed her throat and whirled, so frightened she couldn't scream. Joseph. Even as she thought it, Kate saw that the shadow wasn't a man's. Going limp, she backed against the adjoining wall and closed her eyes.

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