Colloquial Slovak: The Complete Course for Beginners by James Naughton

By James Naughton

Colloquial Slovak is simple to take advantage of and is especially written through skilled lecturers for self-study or category use. The path provides you with a step by step method of written and spoken Slovak. No past wisdom of the language is required.What makes Colloquial Slovak the best choice in own language studying? interactive – plenty of dialogues and workouts for normal perform transparent – concise grammar notes functional – beneficial vocabulary and pronunciation advisor complete – together with solution key and specific reference part

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Most cez rieku. That is a book for Viera. That is a book for Igor. A bridge across the river. 35 36 -- -- Pozeram cez okno. Cez den Citam. I look through the window. Through (during) the day I read. Knowing people and places To say you know a person or place, use poznat', not vediet'. ) Poznate Bratislavu? Stefana nepoznate. Do you know Bratislava? You don't know S tefan. Note the rather flexible word order of Slovak. You put the word you want to emphasize more at the end. ) Exercise 1 Complete the following as suggested and translate: 1 Vidim 2 Varim 3 Nemame 4 Nemaju 5 Nepoznaju 6 Vidite ___ Exercise .

G. TrenCin, mesto). Here are the main basic forms ( the locative ending is the same for both forms ) : 45 46 -- -- genitive -v: -a : - e: dative -u: -e: locative do Bratislavy/do rieky do Treneina/do mesta into Bratislava/the river into Trencfn/the town k Bratislave/k rieke k Trencinulk mestu towa rds Bratis lava/the river towa rds Trencfn/the town v Bratislave/v rieke v Trencine/v meste in Bratislava/the river in Trencfn/the town instrumental ou: -om: - za Bratislavou/za riekou beyond Bratislava/the river za Trencinom/za mestom beyond Trencfn/the town If you can learn this table, it will help a lot later on.

Vocabulary biely cerveny jedna, jednu f kava mlieko pepsikola pohar poharik white red one coffee milk Pepsi Cola glass (small) glass Dialogue 4 prosim si salka vino zmrzlina zelaf co si iel8te? please may I have cup wine ice cream to wish what do you wish? m A young man (m/adj pan) comes into the snack bar to look for someone: MLADY pAN: PREDAVACKA: Prepacte, neviete, Ci tu nie je pani Horakova? Myslim, ze tu pracuje. Mam tu odkaz od jej sestry. A no, mlady pan, pracuje tu. Aha, prave ideo Mate siastie.

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