Cold Ocean Physiology (Society for Experimental Biology by Hans-O. Pörtner, Richard C. Playle

By Hans-O. Pörtner, Richard C. Playle

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Metabolic rates: effects of temperature and depth An appropriate starting point for analysing the physiological and biochemical properties of ectothermic species from cold ocean habitats is an examination of their rates of metabolism. A question that often has domi- Adaptation to cold and depth 35 nated, and often confused, discussions about adaptation to low temperature concerns the phenomenon of metabolic cold adaptation (Clarke, 1991). Much work and a great deal of speculation have surrounded the question of whether cold-adapted ectotherms like polar fishes display metabolic (respiratory) rates that are higher than the rates that would be predicted from extrapolating the metabolic rates of tropical and temperate species down to the low environmental (body) temperatures of cold-adapted species.

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