Cleopatras by John Whitehorne

By John Whitehorne

Even if there are numerous books written concerning the most famed Cleopatra, this can be the one learn in English dedicated to her much less recognized yet both illustrious namesakes.
Cleopatras strains the turbulent lives and careers of those traditionally vital ladies, studying particularly the sooner Macedonian and Ptolemaic Cleopatras, and the effect in their dynastic marriages at the heritage of the Hellenistic global. John Whitehorne additionally evaluates present perspectives of Cleopatra VII's dramatic suicide, and considers the evolving political value of royal girls within the final 3 centuries BC.
Clearly and engagingly written, Cleopatras finds the real importance to the ruling dynasties of the 34 identified Cleopatras who weren't Cleopatra the nice, and illuminates a few attention-grabbing yet little-known facets of old Greek and Egyptian historical past alongside the way in which.

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CLEOPATRA, PERDICCAS II, AND ARCHELAUS challenge. Archelaus could therefore have let him live on in obscurity, as his father Perdiccas had let one, perhaps two of his own brothers live out their lives as private citizens. After all, as the boy’s guardian, he could have had a close eye kept on the child and easily disposed of him later at any sign of trouble. So why did Archelaus kill him? And—perhaps just as strange—why did he not dispose of Cleopatra at the same time and obviate once and for all any possibility of revenge?

Yet Plutarch, whose Life of Alexander is the only source for one of the marriages, places the earlier of them immediately after Alexander’s return from Illyria following the quarrel at the party and just before the death of Philip himself. 7 The bizarre tale which Plutarch tells has come to be known as ‘the Pixodarus affair’. 1–5), Pixodarus, who was the satrap of Caria in Persian Asia Minor, wishing for an alliance with Philip sent an ambassador to propose a match between his eldest daughter and Philip’s elder son Arrhidaeus.

Even more conveniently an ‘accident’ in battle on the forthcoming expedition would have left him in total control of the army and therefore the Macedonian state. As it was, the timing of Philip’s death, just before the intended departure date of the main expeditionary force, almost proved a calamity for Alexander. The case against Philip’s nephew Amyntas and the sons of Aëropus is even weaker. The former had nothing to gain by causing the postponement of a hazardous military undertaking 45 CLEOPATRAS which might see both father and son killed and therefore open up the way for his own succession.

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