Chemistry of the Rarer Elements by B. S Hopkins

By B. S Hopkins

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Phil, Mnp. S$ l\*Jli (Urji)h Mounni mud bmmpv, t'vmtd. rend. 1 It is isolated only from the atmosphere. Separation. In npitc of its scarcity, xenon is quite easily prepared in a pun* state because it is concentrated in the least volatile* fractions. The separation may be* accomplished by the fractional distillation of considerable quantities of liquid air as suggested under krypton. The most convenient way of getting xenon is by passing liquid air residues through a tube* filled with glass wool and cooled by liquid air.

Tin? **| t-*Rtrr»« photometry. XENON Historical. • The diarrovrry of x<*nr>i w*w mwU* nt tfi«* nntw f mm anil in th« Hnrni* ir»v<»Hf'\%nthmthut revvnUM fh«» pnmvtm* of krvptoft. X**fi**ti« which in houvicr than any of the prmetliug nohlr gwM, WUH tAttniuwi from t\m hmnt volatile! ic|titt! nir. Thi* tmnu* ntnum M^tnlhm it stranger. Occurrence. -— Xenon m tho nirmt of tin* inert gtt£tf»«t \mn% found in thn ntmoHphorc! to the* (*xU*nt of approximately 1 vtAtmw in I70,(XK),0G0 volumitH of nir. pt niton, which 1 Moons TmriM, ('htm, Sue, 93 21M (ifKIN), *1 Anton.

I Chem. and Mat. tiny. *hrm H iful (1922). *1 PhU. Tram. 75 372 (1785). K&ykigh utttci llmnmy, Phil, Trnm, 186 IS7 34 THE ZERO GROUP Occurrence. 18 per cent by volume of atmospheric nitrogen. 949 per cent. Altitudes as great as 3£ miles have failed to show 2 any material change in the quantity of argon present. The fact that argon is more soluble in water than is nitrogen accounts for the fact that the proportion of argon in dissolved gas is greater than in air; it also probably accounts for the fact that argon is found in plants and in the blood of animals.

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