Chemistry and Brain Development: Proceedings of the Advanced by J. Folch-Pi (auth.), Rodolfo Paoletti, Alan N. Davison

By J. Folch-Pi (auth.), Rodolfo Paoletti, Alan N. Davison (eds.)

J. Folch-Pi Director of medical learn, McLean sanatorium, Belmont, Mass., U.S.A. the advance of the imperative fearful method is almost certainly the main major point of the expansion of a mammal from embryo to maturity. The significant apprehensive method is clearly the most repository not just of the species' inherited useful features but additionally of the method of individuation. no matter what "engrams" represent the foundation of person features are laid down often within the crucial anxious procedure, and particularly the mind, in the course of its progress. The chemical point of this procedure is obviously of serious significance and the importance of its research can be self obtrusive. however, it's only one element of a parel lei sequence of morphological, physiological, biochemical and mental occasions which happen as an built-in procedure, the ultimate results of that is the transformation of the post-embryonic frightened approach into the functioning grownup method. it's critical, as a result, that any examine or description of the chemical occasions in the course of the improvement of the CNS could be undertaken in ful I information of the concomitant morphological, physiological and mental occasions. it is just in contrast multidiscipl inary informational framework that the chemical occasions in the course of 2 J. FOLCH-PI improvement could be accurately interpreted and obtain their ful I value. With this in brain, the advent to this quantity may perhaps most sensible serve its goal through describing in short the morphological and physiological occasions that accompany the chemical point of development.

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The amounts of cholesterol precursors accumulated are not dose-dependent (13). When the total dose varied from 2 to 8 mg/animal the proportion of desmosterol or 7-dehydrocholesterol did not greatly change. This proportion is then the maximum amount replaceable at this age and it may be deduced that the blockade of the corresponding enzymes is maximal at such doses of the drugs. At the end of treatment, more desmostero l i s accumulated than 7-dehydrocholesterol. The levels of both precursors subsequently increase up to 50-60% of total sterols at 30 days of age; 7-dehydrocholesterol is almost completely replaced at 60 days whi Ie some desmosterol is sti I I retained, especially in myel in.

And Grossi Paoletti, E. J. Neurochem. 12:563 (1968) 16. , and Grossi Paoletti, E. Science 162: 1495 (1968) 17. M. Chern. 237:334 (1962) 18. L. Res. Comma Z: 128 (1962) 19. , and Paoletti, P. J. Am. Oi I Chern. Soc. 42:400 (1965) J. Bioi. Chern. J. Bioi. Biochem. biophys. BRAIN AND MYELIN STEROLS STUDIED USING SPECIFIC INHIBITORS OF STEROL SYNTHESIS R. Fumagall i Institute of Pharmacology, University of Mi Ian 20 I 29 Mil an, I ta I y Sterols are major components of brain cellular and subcellular membranes and they are represented almost exclusively in mature mammal ian brain by non-esterified cholesterol.

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