Celsus On the True Doctrine. A Discourse Against the by Celsus, R. Joseph Hoffman

By Celsus, R. Joseph Hoffman

The works of many early critics of the Christian church have been burned by means of ruling emperors or another way destroyed within the moment and 3rd centuries, however the writings of the Greek pagan thinker, Celsus, have survived ultimately via his eloquent opponent Origen of Alexandria. In his apologetical treatise, Contra Celsum, Origen argues opposed to the guidelines set forth via Celsus and costs from Celsus' The actual Doctrine at size. via this treatise, Celsus has come to symbolize the indifferent pagan voice of the a while. during this translation, Professor Hoffmann has, for the 1st time, painstakingly reconstructed the most order of the philosopher's argument. Celsus' discourse exhibits him to be an eclectic philosopher--a dabbler in numerous faculties of proposal, together with Platonism and Stoicism, and a pupil of the heritage and spiritual customs of many countries. Hoffman supplementations this definitive translation with an informative advent, summarizing Celsus' premises and putting the id of Celsus in its ancient context.

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