Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (Signet) by Tennessee Williams

By Tennessee Williams

In a plantation apartment, a kinfolk celebrates the sixty-fifth birthday of massive Daddy, as they sentimentally dub him. The temper is somber, regardless of the festivities, simply because a couple of evils poison the gaiety: greed, sins of the prior and determined, clawing hopes for the longer term spar with each other because the wisdom that giant Daddy is demise slowly makes the rounds. Maggie, monstrous Daddy's daughter-in-law, desires to provide him the scoop that she's ultimately turn into pregnant via significant Daddy's favourite son, Brick, yet Brick will not cooperate in Maggie's plans and prefers to stick in a delicate alcoholic haze the complete size of his stopover at. Maggie has her personal pursuits at middle in eager to turn into pregnant, in fact, yet she additionally desires to make amends to Brick for an mistakes in judgment that almost price her her marriage. Swarming round Maggie and Brick are their intrusive, conniving relations, all wanting to see Maggie installed her position and Brick tumbled from his place of most-beloved son. by way of evening's finish, Maggie's ingenuity, fortitude and keenness will set issues correct, and Brick's love for his father, by no means earlier than expressed, will retrieve him from his course of destruction and go back him, helplessly, to Maggie's loving fingers.

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How'd that come about? Some disappointment? BRICK: I don't know. Do you? BIG DADDY: I'm askin' you, God damn it! How in hell would I know if you don't? BRICK: I just got out there and found that I had a mouth full of cotton. I was always two or three beats behind what was goin' on on the field and so I— BIG DADDY: Quit! BRICK [amiably]: Yes, quit. BIG DADDY: Son? BRICK: Huh? —I took in too much smoke, it made me a little light-headed.... ] Why is it so damn hard for people to talk? BRICK : Yeah....

Blow out the candles on the birthday cake! Purse up your lips and draw a deep breath and blow out the goddamn candles on the cake! BIG MAMA: Oh, Big Daddy, oh, oh, oh, Big Daddy! BIG DADDY: What's the matter with you? BIG MAMA: In all these years you never believed that I loved you?? BIG DADDY: Huh? —I even loved your hate and your hardness, Big Daddy! ] BRICK! HEY, BRICK! [He stands over his flaming birthday cake. After some moments, Brick hobbles in on his crutch, holding his glass. ] I didn't call you, Maggie.

BRICK: —The whole, the whole—thing.... BIG DADDY: Why are you rubbing your head? You got a headache? BRICK: No, I'm tryin' to— BIG DADDY: —Concentrate, but you can't because your brain's all soaked with liquor, is that the trouble? Wet brain! ] What do you know about this mendacity thing? Hell! I could write a book on it! Don't you know that? I could write a book on it and still not cover the subject? —Pretences! Ain't that mendacity? Having to pretend stuff you don't think or feel or have any idea of?

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