Beyond Drugs by Stanley Einstein (Auth.)

By Stanley Einstein (Auth.)

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Courtesy of the U . S . Drug Enforcement After the heroin is smuggled into the United States, it is generally mixed with other substances, such as quinine and/or milk sugar. 2 pounds) of smuggled heroin, which initially cost approximately $7000, may result in sales of almost a quarter of a million dollars when diluted. While it may be over 90 percent pure when smuggled into the country, by the time it is sold on the streets, it rarely contains more than 3 percent narcotics. Therapeutic Uses Excluding alcohol, the opiates are man's oldest known pain relievers.

A common cold, if not taken care of, in a person whose resistance is already lowered because of significant weight loss and/or malnutrition, may lead to the complications of pneumonia. The alreadymentioned weight loss, malnutrition, and periodontal diseases and dental cavities are likely to result if the person neglects himself and practices poor personal hygiene. Venereal disease is also often associated with the use of heroin, as well as other injectable drugs, by the street addict. If one of his sexual partners doesn't give him venereal disease as a bonus, one of his fellow addicts who is sharing his unsterile set of works with him may very well do so.

Likewise, it plays an important role in motor activity. Diffuse stimulation can increase a person's muscle tone generally, or in only specific parts of the body. Stimulation of specific parts of the reticular system can result in specific muscular contractions or the inhibition of such contractions. Thus, body movement and equilibrium are very much a function of the reticular system. The cerebellum is the body's center for muscle coordination, equilibrium, and muscle tone. Thus, a person's state of posture and sense of dizziness are affected by it.

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