Bedding the Enemy by Mary Wine

By Mary Wine

Laird Keir McQuade is a newcomer to his identify, and has a lot paintings ahead of him to revive the McQuade honour. discovering a spouse is a superb begin. he is duty-bound to visit courtroom and swear homage to his king besides, an ideal chance - weren't courtroom girls trussed in silly models and corrupted with fake mannerisms. in fact, no longer each woman hides in the back of a powdered face...Helena Knyvett could be a daughter of the aristocracy, yet truthfully she is little yet a pawn in her brother's ploys for strength. Her smallest acts of defiance hold a heavy cost. yet one honourable guy between a crowd of dandies may supply her all she must swap her fortunes - and set her free...Among the ruthless pursuits of England's strong, love at the start sight is a perilous video game. however the treachery, scandal, and treason that persist with can unharness as a lot ardour because it does adventure...

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There was no lack of respect, simply a lack of pretense. Helena was suddenly more content than she had been since leaving home. Behind all the polished manners and expected duties, there were people here. She enjoyed that. Even Edmund and his schemes couldn’t tarnish her joy. London… Keir McQuade looked down on the town with a frown. He’d honestly never thought to travel so far into England. He liked Scotland and was quite content to run his estates. There was yet another thing that had changed with his father’s recent behavior.

She actually wanted him to stand tall, even if that was unwise. But it would be gallant and noble. Whoever he was, Edmund did not impress him. One dark eyebrow rose mockingly. Helena felt warmth spread through her heart. It was not that she enjoyed seeing her brother disrespected, but it was endearing to watch a man refuse to swallow Edmund’s arrogance. ” Edmund glared at her. ” She couldn’t disobey a direct order, not in public. The scandal would taint the entire Knyvett family. Oh, but she wanted to.

Raelin kept her voice a whisper. “Dinnae ye worry, things will be right as rain by noon. ” There was a soft round of laughter from all the girls that they covered up quickly, and lowered their heads to peer at their sewing. Helena felt her eyes widen when she beheld what was sitting on the table in the center of their group. A small chest, banded with iron to make it secure, was there with its top open. Pearls in more colors than she had ever seen sat nestled inside it—cream, white, pink, gold, and even blue ones.

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