Bacteria from Fish and Other Aquatic Animals: by Nicky B. Buller

By Nicky B. Buller

Sixteen pages of color plates to assist identificationOnly released textual content to be had the place all proper fabric is referenced togtherThis guide permits the isolation and identity of micro organism which are present in aquatic animals (particularly fish). The emphasis is on micro organism from farmed aquatic animals (fish,molluscs and crustacea) yet a few cognizance can be given to different marine and freshwater animals reminiscent of mammals and birds, either captive (as in zoos) or wild, in addition to aquarium fish.

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ERM 137 802 802 168 712 748 749 757 765 36 53 88 137 154 209 245 802 538 564 599 605 611 622 648 682 683 712 767 771 824 828 continued 18. Mortality 20. Opportunistic infection in ‘winter ulcer’ disease 21. Enteric redmouth (ERM) 22. Inhibits growth of L. anguillarum and A. salmonicida 23. Potential probiotic 24. Normal microflora 25. Non-pathogenic BGD 1. Aeromonas salmonicida (oxidase-negative strain) 2. Flavobacterium columnare 3. F. psychrophilum 4. Listonella anguillarum 01 5. Renibacterium salmoninarum Pacific salmon, Coho salmon (O.

Kisutch Walbaum) 2. Bacteria attached to gill epithelium 3. Gill lesions 4. Organism present in eyes, exophthalmia, and ocular lesions 6. Gill lesions 14. Yellow-coloured plaque on teeth and oral cavity 15. Peritonitis, haemorrhagic ascites, retained eggs, engorged testes, languid swimming 16. Deep skin lesions, eye lesions, haemorrhagic and pyogranulomatous lesions in gills, kidney, liver and pseudobranch 17. Skin lesions 21. Haemorrhagic musculature 25. Intestine Cherry salmon (Oncorhynchus Flavobacterium branchiophilum masou masou Brevoort).

118. Methyl Red reaction. Positive. Fig. 114. Decarboxylase reactions. Left to right: arginine dihydrolase (positive); lysine decarboxylase (positive); ornithine decarboxylase (negative); and control tube (negative). Fig. 117. Plate showing gelatin hydrolysis and growth on 3% and 0% NaCl. Fig. 113. Decarboxylase reactions. Left to right: arginine dihydrolase (negative); lysine decarboxylase (positive); ornithine decarboxylase (positive); and control tube (negative). Fig. 116. Indole reaction. Negative on the left and positive on the right.

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