Aristophanes: The Acharnians, the Clouds, the Knights, the by Aristophanes, Benjamin B Rogers

By Aristophanes, Benjamin B Rogers

Publication by way of Aristophanes

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Will targeteer « * Boeotia all to bits. these scarecrows for Oh, ! our tars. Our noble tars, the safeguard of our state, Well may they groan at this. O Murder O These Odomantian thieves have sacked my ! ! garlic. Put down the garlic ! drop it You THE. rapscallion, How DI. " O will you let them, Prytanes, use me thus, Barbarians too, in this my fatherland ? But stop I warn you not to hold the ! Assembly About the Thracians' pay. A I tell you there's portent come I felt a drop of rain CRIER. The Thracians are to go, and two days hence Come here again.

We should not, sirs, have tarried long in Thrace DI. THE. But for the salary you kept on drawing. But for the storms, which covered Thrace with snow And froze the rivers. At which Theognis * 'Twas about the season was performing here. that time was drinking with Sitalces most prodigious Athens-lover he. is ! His son," our newly-made Athenian, longed To taste his Apaturian sausages. And bade his father help his fatherland. And he, with deep libations, vowed to help us With such an host that every one would say Heavens !

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