Aristophanes: Lysistrata. Thesmophoriazusae. Ecclesiazusae. by Aristophanes

By Aristophanes

A brand-new translation of the world's maximum satirist. With a signature type that's right now bawdy and mild, in addition to a fearless penchant for lampooning the wealthy and strong, Aristophanes continues to be arguably the best satirist of all time. gathered listed here are all eleven of his surviving plays-newly translated via the prestigious poet and translator Paul Roche.

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Let's break our sticks about their backs, let's beat the jades to reason. w. CH. Hi, sisters, set the pitchers down, and then they won't embarrass Our nimble fingers, if the rogues attempt our ranks to harass. M. CH. I warrant, now, if t^^'ice or thrice slap their faces neatly, we That they will learn, like Bupalus," to hold their tongues discreetly. w. CH. Well, here's my face : I won't draw back now And slap it if : you dare, won't leaye one ounce of you for other dogs to tear. M. CH. Keep still, or else your musty Age to yery shreds I'll batter, w.

OLOJira, MT. Kal TovTov AT. Kara Srj Tov KaXaBioKOV 635 ^alveiv GvliOGapievos, KvdfjLovg Tpojycjjv Se yvvaL^L TToXejJLOs XO. FT. aTTaiper, c5 OTTOJS av iv Tw fJL€p€L pLeXiqcjei. yvvaiKes, (Xtto rojv KaXTriScov, x^l^^^S Tt Tals (f)iXaLGL ovXXd^ojpiev 5i0 [dvT. eyojye yap dv ovrrorc Kaixoifx av opxcvpLevr], ovSe yovar dv kottos e'Aot /x€ Kafxarrjpos dv. eOeXoj S' €VL dAA', w iirl Tvdv levac rcovS^ dperrjs eVe^', at? fjbcrd (f)V(JLg, €VL X^P^^> '^^^ dpdaoSj evL 8e ^iXorroXis €VL 8e GO(f)6v, dperr] (f)p6vLiJ,o£.

I ! ^ MAGISTRATE. Has then the women's wantonness blazed out, * At this crisis the tumult is stayed for an instant by the appearance on the stage of a venerable official personage, one of the Magistrates who, after the Sicilian catastropJie, were appointed, under the name ofProbuli, to form a Directory or Committee of Public Safety. He is attended by four Scythian archers, part of the ordinary police of the Athenian Republic. The Women retire into the background, 39 ARISTOPHANES ;)^6l) rv/JLTTavLGfios xol TTVKLvol Sa^ct^tot, o r' 'AScop-iacr/xos" ovtos ovttl tcov reycov, ov 'yco TTor' cov tjkovov iv rr^KKX-qoia; eXeyev 8' TrXelv els o ^17 c5pacrt ^ei^ A'qfJbOGTparos TiLKcXlav, tj yvvrj S' 6pxovfJL€V7], " alai "AScovLV," (f)rjGLv, 6 Se A'qyiouTpaTO?

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