An Introduction to Old Frisian: History, Grammar, Reader, by Rolf H. Bremmer Jr.

By Rolf H. Bremmer Jr.

This can be the 1st textual content e-book to supply a entire method of outdated Frisian. half One starts off with a succinct survey of the background of the Frisians through the heart a long time, their society and literary tradition. subsequent keep on with chapters at the phonology, morphology, note formation and syntax of previous Frisian. This half is concluded via a bankruptcy at the outdated Frisian dialects and one on difficulties in regards to the periodization of Frisian and the shut dating among (Old) Frisian and (Old) English. half comprises a reader with a consultant number of twenty-one texts with explanatory notes and an entire thesaurus. A bibliography and a choose index entire the booklet. Written via an skilled instructor and researcher within the box, An advent to previous Frisian is a vital source for college students and researchers of Frisian, previous English and different ‘Old’ Germanic languages and cultures, and for medievalists operating during this sector. The moment unrevised 2011 reprint of the unique variation comprises numerous corrections.

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In a number of instances, esp. , kampa ‘duellist’, falla ‘to fell’, (bi-)kanna ‘to confess’. However, mutated forms – in this case kempa, fella, (bi-)kenna – are equally common. , brast ‘breast’ beside briast. o a. , dochter ‘daughter’, holt ‘wood’. 12. A liquid is r or l, see §77. Chapter II. esp. , mon ‘man’, komp ‘field; duel’, long ‘long’ (§29). c. , sochte ‘sought’. pl), opa ‘up’ as opposed to non-R kuma, dura, upa. esp. , wulf/wolf ‘wolf ’. , hwet > hot ‘what’, hweder > hoder ‘whether’, twelef > tolef ‘twelve’.

Phonology o ele ‘oil’ (< L oleum) u *upin- > *ypen > epen ‘open’; *kussjan > *kyssa(n) > kessa ‘to kiss’; *kuri- > *kyre > kere ‘choice’ The vowels in the left-hand column represent the Old Frisian stage. b. Long vowels: ā (< Gmc *ai): *hailjan > *hāljan (monophthongization) > *h5‒la(n) > hēla ‘to heal’. ) > *h5‒ra(n) > hēra ‘to hear’ ō (< Gmc *ō): *blōdjan > *bl5‒djan > blēda ‘to bleed’ (< Gmc *aNC): *sanfti- > *sōfti > *s5‒fte > sēfte ‘softly’ (< WGmc *ā): *wānjan > *wōnjan > *w5‒na(n) > wēna ‘to think’ ū (< Gmc *ū): *brūdi- > *bryˉde > *brēde > brēd ‘bride’, *fūsti- > *fyˉst > fē˘st ‘fist’ (< WGmc *uNC): *kūþjan > *kyˉtha(n) > kētha ‘to announce’ c.

The form siugun ‘seven’ (cf. 9). 3. ] ‘to roll (of a ship on the waves); to saunter, stroll’ might be another instance of labio-velar mutation, cf. ), but then we must take OFris slinge, slinger ‘strap; sling’ as Low German loans, which also ousted the mutated forms in all other branches of Frisian. 4. , within the same syllable), whereas in the latter it is heterosyllabic. (10) Loss of intervocalic -h- and contraction §54 Process Intervocalic *h < Gmc *χ was dropped, resulting by contraction of the preceding and following vowels in either a diphthong or a long monophthong.

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