American Political Leaders 1789-2005 (American Leaders) by CQ Press Editors

By CQ Press Editors

Newly up-to-date, this consultant includes biographical details on nearly 9,000 of crucial US elected and appointed leaders. geared up for fast, effortless reference, this can be a consultant for researchers, scholars, or a person who wishes names, dates, and different easy details on US leaders in a single handy resource.

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6, 1817–Dec. 7, 1820 (Democratic Republican); Senate 1823–March 9, 1829 (Democrat); House May 12, 1831–33 (Democrat). ) Aug. 23, 1903–July 2, 1992; secretary of agriculture June 2, 1948–Jan. 20, 1953. ) Dec. 2, 1760–Dec. 14, 1806; attorney general Aug. 7, 1805–Dec. 14, 1806; Senate 1801–Aug. 7, 1805 (Republican). ) May 24, 1918–Oct. 2, 1996; secretary of labor Feb. 2, 1973–March 15, 1975. ) Oct. 13, 1816–April 4, 1888; attorney general Jan. 2, 1882–March 5, 1885. ) Dec. 16, 1926– ; secretary of transportation Feb.

6, 1957– ; secretary of housing and urban development Jan. 30, 1997–Jan. 20, 2001. ) Dec. 12, 1882–Oct. 23, 1933; secretary of labor Dec. 9, 1930–March 4, 1933. ) Jan. 17, 1800–Jan. 2, 1879; attorney general March 7, 1853–March 3, 1857; House 1835–43 (Whig). ) Jan. 17, 1814–Aug. 4, 1857; secretary of the navy March 8, 1853–March 6, 1857; House 1845–47 (Democrat). ) Aug. 9, 1949– ; secretary of commerce Jan. 30, 1997–July 19, 2000. ) June 21, 1759–Jan. 16, 1817; secretary of the Treasury Oct. 6, 1814–Oct.

Vice presidents routinely took part in cabinet meetings since Franklin Roosevelt’s 26 American Political Leaders 1789–2005 administration, but Eisenhower was the first president to effectively use his vice president in the cabinet. He made his vice president, Richard Nixon, chairman of several cabinet committees and acting chairman of the cabinet if he was unable to attend a meeting. Twenty or more people participated in Eisenhower’s cabinet meetings, which were weekly and often lasted three or more hours.

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