America perduta: In viaggio attraverso gli Usa (9th Edition) by Bill Bryson

By Bill Bryson

Un appassionante vagabondaggio in line with le strade di un’America minore, dentro il cuore delle piccole città che sono l’anima segreta degli Stati Uniti, luoghi in cui los angeles vita sembra rimasta ferma agli anni cinquanta. Un viaggio attraverso un presente rimasto passato, in una provincia rurale che sembra non voler lasciare spazio al futuro. invoice Bryson, americano di nascita ma inglese d’adozione, percorre a bordo di una vecchia Chevrolet 22.500 chilometri all’inseguimento di un ricordo. Restituendoci un pace cristallizzato, los angeles canzone di uno sterminato paese che continua a credere, a immaginare, a vivere fra le pieghe di un sogno domestico e provinciale.

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Most of the survivors soon fell victim to ghoul fever (see area C5), but one castaway, a man named Arron Ivy, survived longer than the others and even managed to ransack the wreck of the Infernus. The futile efforts of his last days still remain on the island at area C8. With the arrival of the Man’s Promise, the grindylows were able to sneak aboard and make off with two prisoners— Sandara Quinn and another shipmate. Bonewrack These unfortunate sailors now await rescue by the PCs in the grindylows’ lair, Riptide Cove (area D).

These friendly NPCs should urge the PCs to take their time and plan such an attack so that it’s most likely to succeed. group of press-ganged crew? Rumors begin to spread among the friendly NPCs that Mr. Plugg might decide to claim the Man’s Promise for himself and establish himself as a pirate captain in his own right. These rumors become more certain when a friendly NPC deduces (if the PCs haven’t already) that the ship has changed course and is heading east toward Bloodcove, a notorious port on the edges of the Mwangi Expanse.

Unknown to the crew, the Man’s Promise is approaching the shores of Bonewrack Isle (detailed in Part Three). The island’s grindylow inhabitants see the beleaguered vessel and approach it in the raging seas, subtly slithering aboard to capture a few tasty sailors. At this point, the storm is considered a powerful storm with strong winds (Core Rulebook 438–439), and visibility is practically zero, making Perception checks all but impossible. The stormy water requires DC 20 Swim checks, but the grindylows can easily take 10 on their checks, and a small number manage to climb aboard and spirit away two of the ship’s crew, likely without any of their shipmates seeing.

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