All the Glory of Adam: Liturgical Anthropology in the Dead by Crispin H T Fletcher-Louis

By Crispin H T Fletcher-Louis

This quantity examines useless Sea Scroll texts which pertain to the Qumran community's knowing of: a transcendent, angelmorphic or divine humanity; and the function of cultic house and time, and the adventure of worship, within the formation of this sort of humanity. The e-book includes 12 chapters. the 1st 3 are dedicated to fabric which both antedates or presents vital cognate fabric to the perculiarly sectarian fabric studied within the the rest chapters (especially the e-book of Noah and Sirach). Chapters 4 to 6 research texts dedicated to a divine humanity, the divine or angelec Moses and the heavenly human priesthood. The 7th bankruptcy discusses the paranormal and theophanic importance of the excessive priest's breastpiece at Qumran. Chapters 8 to 11 are revisionist interpreting of the "Songs of the Sabbath Sacrifice" as a liturgy for a divine humanity, and bankruptcy thirteen proposes a brand new interpretation of 1QM 10-17 within the similar vein. except lifeless Sea Scroll students, this ebook must also be necessary for somebody engaged on biblical anthropology, messianism and Christology, and temple or cultic theology.

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Obviously, it has some bearing on the tradition's antiquity. ) author of 1 QapGcn whence it was later adopted by the Epistle of Enoch. But, more importantly, the debate sharpens the issue of semantic coherence within the extant Noah material. It is obvious that in its extant form the birth of Noah is related closely to the fall of the watchers and this ties up well with Noah material in parts of 1 Enoch (ch. 10:1-3; 54:7-55:2) and Jubilees (7:21-24), however it has not been clear how Noah's wondrous birth has anything to do with the interest in sacrificial and halakhic matters which figure so prominently elsewhere in material associated with him (Jub.

Text Joseph and Aseneth of the divine and angelic Jacob it is also said that "his head was white as snow, and the hairs of his head were all exceedingly close like those of an Ethiopian" (22:7). D. texts, the Apocalypse of Abraham and the Christian book of Revelation this same language is used of God's visible angelic manifestation (laoel: Apoc. Abr. 11:3) and the risen and divine Jesus (Rev 1:14). John C. Reeves has argued that the Birth of Noah sets up the possibility that Noah is a giant in order to refute that understanding of his identity.

Compare generally Lev 2:13; L X X Lev 24:7; N u m 18:19; Ezek 43:24. I n both Jubikes and the Greek Levi text the extent to which specific instructions were believed to come from Noah is not clear. For the Greek manuscript of the Aramaic Levi Document seejonge 1978, 46-48 and see Hollander andjongc 1985, 457-69 for a translation. 35 THE DIVINE AND PRIESTLY NOAH 43 similarity of halakhic concerns of chapter 7 to the material in chapter 21, which is explicitly related to the Words of Noah, suggests a common literary source.

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