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Debug from the menu when you notice a salary greater than $5000. Answer: C QUESTION 131: You have coded w WHEN-NEW-FORM-INSTANCE trigger as follows: go_block('dept'); go_setup; -- program unit to set window properties execute_query; How can you ensure that a query does not execute if navigation to the DEPT blocks fails?

C. Click and drag the icons in the layout editor to the appropriate position. D. Cut and paste in the layout editor to position the icons. E. Use the select tool in the menu editor to position the icons. Answer: A, B QUESTION 100: You establish access to menu modules using roles. While testing the application you need access to all menus in the Sales form module for all the rows. Which method will overwrite the menu modules roles property to allow you to access all the menu items? A. Disable the values for the menu module roles property.

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