A Teaching Handbook for Wiccans and Pagans: Practical by Thea Sabin

By Thea Sabin

Because the Pagan and Wiccan groups develop, so does the necessity for academics, mentors, and function versions. should you are looking to percentage their wisdom, educating could be a very empowering and non secular event. yet working towards the Craft and educating it are very various things. during this well timed advisor, renowned Wiccan writer and instructor Thea Sabin offers transparent suggestions for making a curriculum, together with pattern syllabi. She additionally offers guideline and advice on an important features of changing into a good and encouraging instructor of Wicca and Paganism. —Develop instructing equipment for grownup learners—Manage staff dynamics—Give nice presentations—Find and display students—Set up on-line classes—Cultivate persistence and humility additionally, you will locate interviews and suggestion from numerous revered Pagan academics, corresponding to Patrick McCollum, Holli Emore of Cherry Hill Seminary, Christopher Penczak, and T. Thorn Coyle.

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Thorn Coyle talked to me about helping each student make one important discovery: In each class, I hope someone will get one thing they feel they can work deeply with. Overall, my hope is that people will become more themselves, commit to their lives, walk further and further toward integration and wholeness, and become more effective in their work on this planet. But that all begins with making a deep commitment to that one practice, that one insight, that first step. Teachers Have a Reason to Be Proud Almost everyone I interviewed for this book mentioned the joy and pride they took in seeing their students succeed, both while they were teaching the students and afterward.

As for your home itself, there are questions like: Do you have enough room to have a class in your home? Do you have enough tables and chairs, or at least pillows so people can sit on the floor? Is your home accessible to people with disabilities? Do you have pets that might make it difficult for some people to be in your space, either because they’re frightened of the animal (some people are very afraid of large dogs) or allergic? If your space is suitable for holding a class, it’s good to think about the issues around having people you might not know that well in your personal space, or having people in your space on a regular basis.

It will also bring people into your life who are not like you at all, but whom you will learn a great deal from. I’m pretty sure my current crop of students—with their wildly divergent histories, jobs, family situations, and needs—would never have crossed paths if it weren’t for our class. Yet they come together to learn Paganism. They don’t always agree—actually, they usually don’t, and it can get pretty emotional at times—but the members of the group are nevertheless richer for knowing each other and having the opportunity to see the world through each other’s eyes.

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