A Short History of France by D. J. Peters (Auth.)

By D. J. Peters (Auth.)

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Another noticeable change in French policy is that, after the Avignon Papacy, from 1307 to 1377, during which time the Popes had been closely connected with French political problems, there had c o m e the period o f the Great Schism and the Gonciliar movement, when France appeared to be less closely involved than one would have assumed. France had, at first, supported Clement V I I , the A v i g n o n anti-Pope, but had then b e c o m e neutral, hoping for an end o f the Schism. Eventually, when Martin V became Pope in 1417 and the Schism was over, France took little interest in Papal affairs, and the Papacy itself was too concerned in building up the "Papal m o n a r c h y " to be m u c h interested in the work o f Charles V I I and Louis X I .

H E L E N W A D D E L L . Pelican, 1 9 5 4 . Saint Joan of Arc. V . S A G K V I L L E - W E S T . Penguin, 1 9 5 5 . 1936. C H A P T E R 5 France from Charles VIII to the Rise of Catherine de' Medici CHARLES V CHARLES V I ι CHARLES V I I Louis O F O R L É A N S I I Louis X I CHARLES OF ORLÉANS CHARLES V I I I = J E A N N E ( 1 ) = L O U I S X I I = (2) A N N E A N N E OF BRITTANY (divorced) OF BRITTANY CHARLES O F ANGOULÊME ι C L A U D E = F R A N GIS I 1515-47 HENRY 11 = CATHERINE DE' MEDICI L O U I S X I , after a four years' illness, died in 1483.

She was made Chef de Guerre, given armour and an army; and her men took her to Orléans. A strange enthusiasm swept over its garrison, and in a little over a week the siege was raised. M a n y Frenchmen believed she was a saint. T h e Loire valley was cleared o f the Anglo-Burgundians, w h o were defeated at Patay. JOAN OF A R C A N D THE RESTORATION OF FRANCE 37 Charles was crowned at Reims in July 1429, and his advisers suggested that an attack should be made on Paris. T h e K i n g , however, hated war, and he did little to forward these plans or to assist Joan.

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