A Seduction in Scarlet by Sara Bennett

By Sara Bennett

One depraved evening . . .

Lady Portia Ellerslie, dearest confidante to Queen Victoria and a lady of impeccable breeding, generally would not dream of dallying in Aphrodite's membership, London's so much specific and erotic bordello. yet one lonely evening she reveals whatever engaging concerning the concept of a wild come across within the infamous hothouse. wearing a bold, dangerously low-cut scarlet gown and a veil to masks her identification, she arrives on the membership able to succumb to the torrid wishes raging inside of her . . . and is stunned to discover herself staring at into the eyes of Marcus Worthorne, the fellow she swooned over at seventeen.

Could bring about a life of ecstasy . . .

Back then, Marcus slightly knew she used to be alive, yet now he is approximately to make her such a lot wanton fantasies come real. Portia's right existence is set to alter ceaselessly . . . simply because for Marcus one evening with the woman in pink might by no means be enough.

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He reached out and touched her breast, and then bent his head to taste her. She made a sound, a purr in her throat, and he drew her nipple into his mouth, rolling the hard bud with his tongue. Her hands closed on his head, fingers almost painful as she combed them through his hair. That exotic scent rose from her skin, musky and alluring. ” he said, sliding his hands over her shoulders, caressing her back. ” He knew then that she was his. Portia trembled. He had found the fastenings of her dress and made quick work of them.

But she knew. Marcus Worthorne, he was what was wrong. He had made her his in a way she had neither expected nor wanted. She craved his touch as an opium addict craved the pipe. Her fresh looks had faded and she’d become pale and holloweyed. She wanted him with such an intensity she was 48 SARA BENNETT afraid he would hear it in her voice, even if he could not see it in her face behind the veil. You’re being ridiculous. He was a man, nothing but a man. She sat down to dinner with people from all over the Empire; princes and princesses, sultans and sultanas, archdukes and their duchesses.

Portia shuddered. ” Although then again, she would probably have forgotten after a week. ” Portia considered Victoria her friend but was under no illusions as to what that meant. Powerful people, especially royalty, were motivated by greater issues than mere liking and friendship. If she were to be disgraced, Victoria would throw her to the wolves. “You’re right, Hettie. I cannot risk it. I have no plans to do so. ” But there was a little crease between Hettie’s brows, as if she didn’t quite believe her.

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