A Lawman's Christmas by Linda Lael Miller

By Linda Lael Miller

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Armenia: The Survival of a Nation 2nd ed. (Garland Studies in Historical Demography)

This contemporary heritage of Armenia strains the affects selling Armenian nationalism, and locations the ancient, cultural and social concerns firmly within the modern context. It assesses the impression of adjusting political attitudes, and gives short bibliographies of one hundred twenty major Armenian figures.

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A treatise on wood engraving, historical and practical

Трактат по дереву, история и практика

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She had to believe that to keep putting one foot in front of the other. This very day, as soon as the children had had their breakfast and Edrina had gone off to school, Dara Rose decided, flinging out ground corn for the chickens, now clucking and flapping around her skirts and pecking at the ground, she and her youngest daughter would set out to knock on every respectable door in town if they had to. Someone in Blue River surely needed a cook, a housekeeper, a nurse or some combination thereof.

It’s almost Christmas,” Clay said, assessing the sky briefly before meeting her gaze again. Confused, Dara Rose squinted up at him. Christmas was important to Edrina and Harriet, as it was to most children, but it was the least of her own concerns. ” Clay asked. Taken aback by the question, Dara Rose opened her mouth to speak, found herself at a complete loss for words and pressed her lips together. Then she shook her head. Clay McKettrick chuckled and reached for the egg basket. It wasn’t heavy, and the contents were precious, but Dara Rose offered no resistance.

With a wave of one hand, he indicated their surroundings, including the half dozen saloon girls, waiting tables in their moth-eaten finery. ” He paused to indulge in a slight smile, and Clay underwent another internal struggle just to keep from backhanding the mayor of Blue Creek hard enough to send him sprawling in the dirty sawdust. ” Clay seethed, but his expression was schooled to quiet amusement. He’d grown up playing poker with his granddad, his pa and uncles, his many rambunctious cousins, male and female.

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