A Historical Perspective on the Topology and Physics of by Durham, I T

By Durham, I T

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Responsibility for the attempt never firmly placed. 1970 25 January: murder of Brigadier Pierino Okoya, later believed to have been carried out on Amin's orders. " Lea, apparently attempting to investigate bribery in connection with Asian immigration to the UK on behalf of the British immigration authorities, was set up and disgraced. " Obote aligned himself more closely with President Nimeiri of Sudan, and closed down the supply of Israeli arms to the secessionist Anya Nya movement in Southern Sudan.

June: Marlborough House constitutional conference held in London. A decision on the "Lost Counties" (areas lost by Bunyoro to Buganda in 1900) postponed for two years. 9 October: political independence granted. 1963 The UPC began to establish itself in Buganda in spite of an understanding that it would not compete with KY. 8 October: Kabaka Mutesa II became President of Uganda. 1964 23 January: the Uganda Army mutinied over continued British control. British troops called in. Most of the army's demands met.

1981. Out of print. See No. 58. 31. Mauritania, by Alfred G. Gerteiny. 1981 32. Ethiopia, by Chris Prouty and Eugene Rosenfeld. 1981. Out of print. See No. 56. 33. , by Ronald Bruce St John. 1991 34. Mauritius, by Lindsay Rivière. 1982. Out of print. See No. 49. 35. Western Sahara, by Tony Hodges. 1982. Out of print. See No. 55. 36. Egypt, by Joan Wucher King. 1984. Out of print. See No. 67. 37. South Africa, by Christopher Saunders. 1983 38. Liberia, by D. Elwood Dunn and Svend E. Holsoe. 1985 39.

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