A Grammar of Targum Neofiti by David M. Golomb

By David M. Golomb

Ebook by means of Golomb, David M.

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Sentences (121), (122), (124) and (126)) except that some choice is possible in sentence (123): making the place adverbial precede the object emphasizes the adverbial; and in the nominalized clause (125), making the agentive expression (the original subject) minn min precede the original object ta' xiex, emphasizes the agent. In general, clefting is not possible with subordinate clause constituents, except in the case of adjectivalized clauses. The questioning of the identity of the main clause object/subordinate subject in both the active and passive adjectivalized clauses (68) and (73) can be emphasized by clefting as in (127) and (128): 20 (127) Min hu Ii raw tiela' s-sema?

The inclusion of an adverbial in the nonfinite clause would be felt as too cumbersome. sg. sg. ffirmaw il-kuntratt signed - 3pl. sg. ' The changes here are similar to those in (237) - (238). The subject and direct object arguments are retained, but with the addition of their respective prepositions (ta' for direct object, minn for subject, in that order) and the conjunctions are changed in form from wara Ii, malli and fil-hin Ii respectively. Here too an adverbial expression would be avoided. Adverbial clauses of Manner An adverbial clause of Manner introduced by the expression skond kif can be made non-finite, by substituting the verbal noun for the subordinate verb: (241) Finite clause kif ghallmuna missirijietna Dejjem irnxejna skond always walked - 1pI.

Noun Clauses How are noun clauses marked in general? What is their position relative to their superordinate clause? In general, the general subordinating expression Ii introduces the noun clause, which can occur as subject (example (170» or object (example (171» in the superordinate clause: (170) Li l-gimgha d-diehla se tkun vaganza hija sub. sg. fut. sg. sg. sg. sub. sg. fut. sg. vaganza holiday 'The headmaster said that the following week would be a holiday' 30 Besides its position in (170) preceding the predicate the subject noun clause can also follow it.

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