A Grammar of Modern Telugu by B. Krishnamurti, J. P. L. Gwynn

By B. Krishnamurti, J. P. L. Gwynn

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The clearest cases of "layered" morphology, however, are instances of category-changing derivation. The question therefore arises as to whether a distinction can be drawn between "templatic" inflection and "layered" inflection.

Nya-ngu. ' Languages with case systems also show considerable variation in the number of cases they distinguish: English has only three, while Sanskrit has eight, Finnish fifteen, and so on. A government relation and an agreement relation may be sensitive to the same morphosyntactic property. In German, for instance, the government relation between preposition and object and the agreement relation between determiner and noun are both sensitive to properties of case; thus, in the expression gemäb den Vorschriften 'according to the rules', the dative case is a governed property of the object noun phrase (hence also of its head Vorschriften) as well as an agreement property of the determiner den.

G. require) mandate that a finite complement be in the subjunctive mood. 5 Similarly, verbs in many languages exhibit a special < previous page page_29 next page > < previous page page_30 next page > Page 30 set of forms for use in subordinate clauses: in Plains Cree, for example, the set of verbal affixes used to mark agreement (in person, number, gender, and obviation) in main clauses is distinct from that used in dependent clauses (Wolfart, 1973, p. e. those bearing an affix encoding the relativized argument) exhibit a smaller range of tense inflections than ordinary indicative verb forms, and inflect differently for negation; and so on.

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