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Dust cycjL>a^, c y o y c y o y , c y e c y cycDcy, q^ecy cy3tcy^, c y H c y t cya^cy^, c y o c y ^ , c y H c y t scatter, spread make equal, level, straight; m. equality, sameness u^cye, e c y c y e , e y e , c c y e / / is suitable, appropriate, neg. M e c y c y e , M c y c y e [q^ecyT^ ] v. c c D c y T cyocyT object plus v e r b worthy of ii)xy cyHYe cw/, carve; m. carved m. W5e, va/we [(d)T m. pot, jar, gallon, m. destroyer cycoq, cyeq c y q e , cyBe necessary not fitting window q ^ o c y o y , cyjccyoy [cycocyq / / is inappropriate, c y o q ^ , cyHqt be desert, waste, destroy; m.

Imper. , it will not be so! N e p e - conj. base imperfect v. N e RcA -, Rcoj^^ behind \,cx N e c e - , N e c c D ^ be beautiful (subj. as suffbc) N e c B c o c D ^ be wise (subj. as suffix, C B O ) HXixT^ [NeeieT^jNeeiAT^] blessedv,e\x N o y T , N A T ^ grind, pound grain NoeiT m. meal, flour R T ^ V. v. N T e - , R T A ^ [RTe^^j genitive preposition R T A ^ indicates possession N T o , R T e - personal pronoun 2nd person sing. fem. you NoyTe m. God (mostly with def. art. n N o y T e ) f . R T c o p e Goddess, pi.

Beam of wood oye^coY f. c. cxy - dtink; m. drinking, drink caxjDq pi. drinking cxBc, f. C A S H , pi. c A s e e y m. wise person CBO learn v . T C A B O C B o y Y m. disciple, pupil CBCJD, pi. C B O o y e [ c B o y ] t doctrine, teaching t c B C J D teach, c f . r c A B o jciCBOD learn CHBe, CHqe f. reed,flute,shin bone ccoBe laugh, mock; m. laughter, object of ridicule c c u B e R e x - laugh at, make fun of c f Be, CFBC C F B H T ^ , c B B H y t, c F B H y T t circumcise, be circumcised; m. circumcision MRTATC^BC f.

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