A Concise Coptic-English Lexicon by Richard Smith

By Richard Smith

I've got chanced on this Coptic dictionary to be very beneficial in lots of methods. it's convenient, useful, and fairly thorough for its measurement. And more uncomplicated at the eyes than Crum's due to a extra smooth typeface.

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Division Tjxa)€ f. half ncDcpR, noq^N**, n o c p R t noDcyc, noq^c^, nocpct TMX>Z,^xZ',nA2^»l^^^Z^ ncD2, T i e ^ - , nH2^ n^N nA^pe m. ^emce serve, ordain; name of 9th Egyptian month nAcpoNc be amazed, deranged, amaze; m. amazement breaks burst, tear reac/i, o^aZ/t, succeed, ripen, befit{l) as vb. aux. succeed in, when once m. drug, remedy, pnx^pe, f n A ^ p e MNxpeqpnA^pe ncu^c, ne^c-, medicine use or ^ve drugs, treat, cure f. sorcery n^^c^, no^ct n c D ^ T , n e ^ T -, n A ^ X ^ , n A ^ T t bite; m.



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