A Career In Theoretical Physics by P. W. Anderson

By P. W. Anderson

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Polarizability ellipsoid of the non-isotropic molecule, 22 assumed to be an ellipsoid of rotation. ) 6 is the angle Autler. Column (c) is from Stuart's book. One more problem was computed. The microwave between the axis of the polarizability ellipsoid and the spectrum of oxygen has been measured 26 in some detail. intermolecular distance r. For states separated by microwave frequency dif- This case is even more complicated that the preceding, ferences, the isotropic parts of (19) make no con- because transitions among states having different total tribution to broadening, and one need consider only an angular momenta (/) but the same K, or molecular quantum number, must be considered.

We must now obtain the quantity a (or rather the separate cr(72, K2) to average over J2 and K2 by Part I, Eq. (46)). Without bothering to do the integrals," we present here the three possible o-'s for our three approximations of Part I, Section H-4. We use the notation S2(J2,K2) = A*/bi- (10) Then the three approximations give #1. #2. #3. 885 2M2 K2)XC, #1, #2, #3. b2vh -sinfli sin02 sinpi sin

A very high peak occurs at the "Curie point" TL. , there is complicated crystaldirection dependence for £rev. In this region we have also the field dependence of the dielectric properties indicated by the hysteresis loops of Fig. 1. Returning to the region above Tc, Fig. 3 shows the D versus E plot here. , shown by the curve labelled T c + 2°, the hysteresis loop has disappeared, flattening out to a single curve which, nonetheless, still shows some evidence of dielectric saturation in the curvature ,at high fields.

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