50 Reasons to Hate the French by Jules Eden

By Jules Eden

“If the French can encourage a ebook as humorous as this, possibly we shouldn’t hate them after all!”

Toby younger, Spectator critic

“Deliciously irreverent and provocative!”

Christopher Silvester, autonomous on Sunday

You shuddered whilst the U.S. Congress renamed French fries. You sighed while the French rejected the ecu structure they’d written themselves. yet come on, admit it: deep down there’s anything in we all that loves to take a swipe at our Gallic buddies. This booklet will give you fifty painstakingly researched, wittily written purposes to again up your perspectives.

From sinking the Rainbow Warrior, snap shots of leaders previous and current, to Serge Gainsbourg, the Quasimodo of French pop, this ebook solutions each query you’ve obtained in regards to the French – other than one: “Why simply fifty?’

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How do they reconcile being such animal-lovers that Michelin-starred restaurants let dogs eat at table yet, every summer, they go hunting for songbirds to crush with large stones? What exactly do they mean by “Liberte, Egalite et Fraternite” and how did they lead to the world’s first guillotine-powered, slave-owning, totalitarian dictatorship? When did the French, the most unhygienic nation in Europe according to their own newspapers, become home to some of the world’s most fabulous scents? The French are different, believe it.

1968 May: Parisian student protests escalate into national strike. 1981: Socialist candidate François Mitterrand is elected president. 1995: Jacques Chirac elected president, ending 14 years of socialist presidency. 1996: France attracts international condemnation by conducting a series of nuclear tests in the Pacific. 2002 January: Euro replaces Franc, first minted in 1360. 2002 May: Jacques Chirac re-elected president, trouncing National Front leader Jean-Marie Le Pen in the second round of voting.

Tanya Headon, Name and Shame, 2002 Selected Lyrics Annie likes the lollipops The lollipops with aniseed That give her mouth the taste of aniseed And when she’s done With just a little stick on her tongue She goes shopping for another one - Les Sucettes (The Lollipops) 1966 Harley David son of a bitch There you go, you are hard, you're in heat Harley David son of a bitch That vibration really affects you Harley David son of a bitch You shouldn't have fallen off Harley David son of a bitch You're dead, and I'm glad - Harley David Son of a Bitch, 1967 Out of a painting by Francis Bacon I've come out To make love to another man Who said to me Kiss me Hardy Kiss me my love In Frisco, not far from Sodom, There as well I met a handsome young man Who said to me Kiss me Hardy Kiss me my love - Love on the Beat, 1984 [In French, ‘Beat’ is a homonym for ‘bite’, slang for ‘penis’] Suck baby suck With the CD of Chuck Berry Chuck Suck baby suck To the laserdisc of Chuck Berry Chuck Do you want me to give you a video.

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