2011-2012 Basic and Clinical Science Course, Section 6: by Edward L. Raab, MD, JD

By Edward L. Raab, MD, JD

Examines the scientific beneficial properties, analysis and therapy of esodeviations and exodeviations, horizontal and vertical deviations, amblyopia and exact sorts of strabismus. Discusses the complete variety of pediatric ocular issues, extraocular muscle anatomy, motor and sensory body structure and the way to set up rapport with teenagers in the course of an ocular exam. comprises quite a few photographs, together with colour images. lately revised 2010 2011.

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These sleeves stabili ze the muscle path, preventing sid eslipping or movement perpendicul ar to the muscle axis (Fig 2-7). Anteriorly, the sleeves thi n to for m slings between the rectus muscles (the intermuscular septum ), which fuse with the conjunctiva 3 mm posterior to the li mbus. The posterior section of th e intermuscula r septum separates the intraconal fat pads from the extraconaJ fat pads. Numerous extensions from all of the extraocu lar muscle sheaths attach to the orbit and help support the globe.

Atlas of Strabismus. 4th ed. ) abduction. As the muscle plane is aligned with th e vis ual axis in extreme addu ction , the superi or oblique muscle action can be seen as a depressor. With abduction of th e eye, the visual axis becomes perpendicular to th e muscle plane, and the muscle action is one of intorsion. The action of the inferior oblique is similar to that of the sup erio r oblique (see Fig 3-7) . In primary positi on, the primary action is extorsion, with secondar y elevation and tertiary abduction.

Levator Palpebrae Superioris Muscle The levator palpebrae superi oris muscle ar ises at the apex of the orbit from the lesser wing of the sphenoid bone just superi or to the annulus of Zinn oThe origin of th is muscle blends with th e su peri or rectus muscle inferiorl y and with the superior oblique muscl e medi all y. The levator pa lpebrae superioris passes anteri o rl y, lying just above th e superior rectus muscle; the fasc ial sheaths of these 2 muscles are connected. T he levator palpebrae Loose fibrillar, -\\I\~{r ' highfy vascular structure Cartilage ----"<,;,Fibers with scant adllesions-::""'=~~~~ to neighboring fiber Figure 2-2 Components of the trochlea .

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